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The difference between “brand decisions” and “business decisions”

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Did you miss last week’s workshop on Brand Positioning with Grant Gooding? A local blogger recapped his experience and some interesting take-aways on DownHouseSoftware. Read more about what he thought was the most thought-provoking part of Grant’s presentation:

“Probably the most interesting point made was distinguishing between business decisions and brand decisions. Much of the rest of the talk was distilled here into the idea that we make a lot of decisions every day about our companies. Some of these are clearly Business Decisions – those intended to maximize margins in the short term. Some are clearly Brand Decisions – those that are intended to build the brand regardless of short term margins. (note: I’m paraphrasing these definitions here. I don’t want to give short shrift to Grant.)

As examples, he focused on two companies: Starbucks and Tylenol.”

To read more about how an understanding of the difference between “brand decisions” and “business decisions” brought Tylenol back from the brink of crisis, check out the full post.

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