The Foundation Series addresses legal and operational issues commonly faced by startup founders, from the process of finding and working with co-founders to strategies to protect your intellectual property.

The Marketing Series takes an in-depth look at the science and analytics behind marketing campaigns–from the basics of growth hacking to ins-and-outs of content marketing. The Marketing Series is offered in partnership with the Sprint Accelerator

The Sales Series teaches entrepreneurs the basics of building scalable sales systems, attracting and compensating top-performing sales staff and customer retention. The Sales Series is offered in partnership with The Coffman Group.

The Budget Series exposes entrepreneurs to the process of understanding their books, choosing and monitoring key financial performance indicators and creating financial projections. The Budget Series is offered in partnership with the Women’s Business Center


Venture Lounge is a quarterly event organized by ECJC, during which investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts connect over capital and cocktails. Venture Lounge is offered in partnership with Mid-America Angels and the Women’s Capital Connection