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Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Fuels LilyPad EV’s Growth

LENEXA, Kan.  –LilyPad EV, a provider of electric vehicle charging station products and services, has recently increased its geographic reach to serve customers across the U.S. LilyPad EV’s recent growth stems from a robust electric vehicle market and the need for reliable and convenient charging options.

Currently there are over 5,000 electric car charging stations across the U.S. But with sales of plug-in vehicles up almost 200% over the last year, additional charging stations in more locations are required to keep up with the demands of EV drivers. Drivers of plug-in cars want to be able to charge their vehicles at home, at work, and in their communities as they go about their daily lives. This has created opportunities for communities, businesses, educational institutions, and utility companies to deploy charging infrastructure to meet the needs of drivers and enjoy increased patronage and, in some cases, additional revenue.

LilyPad EV saw the growing demand as an opportunity to facilitate EV charging station sales and installations across the country. Since 2009, LilyPad EV has provided charging stations to electric utility companies, universities, cities, counties, private businesses, auto dealerships, and consumers. They work with customers to understand their specific needs and budget, then recommend appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Their consultative approach includes suggesting the right brand and model for client’s needs, as well as offering advice on installation locations that balance cost with visibility. Additionally, LilyPad EV provides customer support and ongoing operational and maintenance services.

“We are pleased to offer electric vehicle charging services more broadly,” said Larry Kinder, CEO of LilyPad EV. “With the arrival of new plug-in vehicles and the growing need for charging stations, we can offer our experience and capabilities to those needing to provide charging infrastructure for their communities, employees, customers, or residents. We make the process easy for the customer, whether they’re a utility company, a business or a family.”

About LilyPad EV:

LilyPad EV stands ready to help communities, businesses, governments, and consumers navigate the selection and installation of charging equipment. Visit www.lilypadev.com to learn more about choosing charging stations, view offerings, or purchase charging stations, or call 855-383-3895 for a more in-depth conversation.

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